Lazy Days in Bergin

Of all the cities in Norway, Bergin is the one I would go back to.

May 28

Early morning view from YMCA hostel roof.

The YMCA hostel, which we stumbled to last night, is perfectly located. Sitting just off a cobblestone square overlooking the fish market which lines the harbor. We spend the morning in this square. Small tents begin to pop up around us with vendors selling artwork and knitted crafts.

We all take this opportunity to bask in our lack of plans. Sleeping in late, taking showers, and sitting by the harbor slowly shedding layers as the sun ascends in the easter sky. Today, the only thing on the schedule is to be in Bergin. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome to be in Bergin with nothing to do.

Lunch on the Lawn

Around lunchtime Phil, Michael and I mosey through quaint streets looking for a place to eat. We turn down all the restaurant options in favor of a discount grocery store which offers yogurt and cider for just the right price.

Only a few streets away from our hostel is a park. Sitting down on the grass beside a domestic pond we unwrap our grocery store spoils and dig in. Passing around different flavors of Summersby cider we marvel at the novel flavors, the joyful park, and the lack of anything pressing for us to do.

The Hunt for Pants

After lunch we designate one task to accomplish, finding a thrift store to replace a pair of ripped pants. Using the Wifi and McDonalds we obtain directions to a discount store which upon arrival turns out to be a grocery store. I check but they don’t have pants in stock.

The clerk at this store directs us to another store a few streets south. We meander past young men playing basketball and families out for a stroll and arrive to find a store that sells clothing, but not necessarily in our price range.

Bergin’s main walking street

A nearby coffee shop offers wifi enough to obtain directions to a different store. Soon we’re in a fragrant home goods store perusing the various ingenuitive kitchen wares. The woman in this store directs us to a place only a block away.

Following the street we finally encounter a thrift store. Pushing the door reveals it to be locked and the numbers on the door indicated it closed 15 minutes earlier. Well, we found pants we just didn’t get to buy them.

This leisurely chase has lead us all around the city. Venturing back toward the fish market 22459567_10213525482238952_3624049040729182579_owe skirt the harbor and admire the historic colorful houses opposite us. Despite our failed mission the day has still been cheerful and bright. It is close to dinner time and we decide to purchase our meal from the fish market.

Dinner by the Water

Roaming through the fish market I meet many species of fish in various stages of edibility. I select a Tuna sandwich and some chips. As a group we find a picnic table by the water and set to munching.

The meal is delicious, of course. A day of leisure, and exploration in beautiful Bergin could make any meal a delight. Tomorrow we are headed deep into fjord country, but right now we are sitting by the harbor watching the sunset colors play on the water. Satiated, in the best sense of the word.

Until next time.

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